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For Questions, please contact:

Jeffrey S. Williams
Director of Alumni Relations
(301) 405-8642

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The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the network, assisted by the various committees. 

To learn more about the Board, please review the Current Members, the Strategic Plan, the Constitution and By-Laws, and Past Presidents.

For more information about getting more involved with the Clark School of Engineering alumni programs, please contact:

Jeffrey S. Williams
Director of Alumni Relations

(301) 405-8642

Current Members of the Board of Directors

University of Maryland Alumni Association: Engineering Network Board of Directors 2013-2014


Strategic Plan

Engineering Network Strategic Plan for Terms 2012-2016


Constitution and By-Laws of the University of Maryland at College Park Alumni Association, Inc., Engineering Network


Engineering Alumni Network Past Presidents

Chester Ward CE '32
John Dye '34
Tracy Coleman '35
Sy Wolf ChE '42
Arnold Korab '38
Richard Reed, Jr. '50
James Updegraff, Jr. '43, '48
Bernard McCarthy '59
Eugene Sober '64
Robert Walton '38
Donald Gross '47
George White '72
Stanford Berman ME '50
Robert Mroz EE '68
Jacob Weaver CE '54, FPE '77
George Gilbert CE '37
William Fromme CE '78
Kathryn Garber EE '82
Jim Shook CE '49
Richard Lee NU '77, '80, '82

Milton Mulitz ME '40

Dick Rice CE '66
Ronald Smoker MSNU '78
Thomas Lee ME '59
James Dray ME '59
Deidre Willard FPE '87
Joseph Necker, Jr. CE '69
Cynthia Miller Hayes ME '82
Chester Clark ChE '71, MS '73, PhD '74
Joel Leifer ME '79, AE '89
Robert Gagnon, FPE '90, MS '95
Phil Anderson ME '85
Frank Cirillo, Jr. CE '66
Angela Smith, EE '97 
Massood Shoyooee, CE '81, '84
Robert Cerbone ME '95, MBA '01
Ralph Wheeler CE '79
Eric Gwin, ChE '86, MBA '05
Norine Walker, CE '83
Catherine Stewart, ME '03, MEP '09

Gregg Wollard, CE ‘89
Kimberly Brown, ChE M.S. '98, PhD '05